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destination Elopement + Wedding Photographer based in Idaho

I’m just going to get into it, because that’s the kind of person I am - direct.

I want YOU to follow your heart on the Wedding day you want to have. Not what the trend tells you, and not what society tells you. We all have a unique love story that’s ours, so why shouldn’t you have the Wedding day that’s unique to your love? It could be totally traditional, or completely unconventional. But it would be perfectly yours.

I will be there not only to document the whole event beautifully, but to be there as the additional support you can trust and depend on. I’m not just a vendor you hired. I am your friend.

Not only would the photos become more beautiful because I will know who you are and what you want, but you will feel relaxed knowing that we value the same things; open mindedness, Mother Earth, families, happiness, and most importantly, love.

So let's go to the places you hold dear. Let’s hike into that waterfall where the proposal happened, go to the coffee shop you had your first date in, and let’s have the Wedding day your love story deserves.