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Natural light, organic, non-fictional portrait photographer specializing in love; couples, engagements, elopements, and intimate weddings.

 "Truth is just simply, your own story; what makes you feel, what makes you laugh. what makes you cry, what hurt you, how did you hurt somebody else... What would you do if you couldn't do anything else? Try to imagine the last time you felt the most happy, the most content, the most free, and the most yourself. What was the circumstance? What were you wearing? Who were you with? What was the weather like? Those things are all your truth."
-Yan Palmer

Hey you. It's me, Sasha. I'm a elopement and wedding photographer based in Idaho. I love being part of people's love stories and what makes them human. 

I was born in Oita, Japan with a Japanese father and American mother. Being one of the top technologically advanced country, I was surrounded by cameras everywhere I went. It didn't take me long for me to take charge of a DSLR camera, and it finally happened when my family got a Nikon D70 in 2003. After saving money to move 7 people -I'm the oldest of 5 siblings- my family moved to Idaho, where my mom grew up, in late 2008. I spent the rest of my teenage years growing more fond of the art. Spending as much as possible with a camera in Yearbook, and falling in love with the process of film, I decided that that's what I wanted to do when I grew up. It's been a long love affair with the art of photography, and I loves how there's no end to progression in the medium. 

I met my husband, Conner, in September 2014 while working in a restaurant. After almost a year of casual friendship, he asked me out on a date after a little hint I dropped via my manager (thanks, Megan). He proposed on December 2015, and we spent a year on the Big Island of Hawai'i in 2016, exploring the beautiful island. We were married in September 2016 in the meadow of Little Cottenwood Canyon in Utah, surrounded by our family. While in Hawaii, I worked for a photography company as a freelance photographer, shooting over 50 family sessions, more than 30 couples, and 13 weddings. Now we've relocated our home to Boise, Idaho with our dog, Ollie (boy), and lots of tropical plant to remind us of the warm days -while trying not to kill it. 

Besides photography, I enjoy sitting around the house watching Netflix in my sweats, road tripping but not driving, ahh and ohh-ing at the rocks and climbing them, anything that involves wind in my hair, dancing in the (warm) rain, and dreaming about ways to combine Japan and Idaho. 

I came into this business because I wanted to do what I loved my whole life: Photography. As I tried to figure out why I really love this art form, it came down to this; I adore people and their human-ness. I am in love with the way you get that grin when you see your dog after a full day of work, how much pride you have for that project, the way you shied away from your first crush, that pinterest board of your future home, and the way you look at your brand new spouse. I am in love with all that makes you the human you are. I love being to witness your story, your truth, because THAT makes me happy. 

Creating memories that last a long time and having a photograph of it is a team project. This is where you and I come together. For us to create honest art, and for me to witness your truth. I'm not here to create what I want to see. I'm here to help you create you and your truth. It's all about you.

In this process of creating, opening up to each other, and letting me into your truth and you into mine, I hope to become more than just a photographer. I hope to become a witness to your love and life, your support, your helping hand, and a friend. A friend who you can truly be yourself with. 

After all, what's the point in all of this if you don't feel like yourselves?

I'm excited to get to know your story.


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