"it's almost 2019" DEALS!

Every year around this time of year, I’m always surprised that the year is almost ending. Every year. Haha (can I use haha in blogs? I dunno but I’m going to do it.) I feel like I should get used to how time works after twenty-four years of practicing it, but man, I never fail to be in awe. Good thing about it though, is that it makes me want to GIVE!

So, here are the BIGGEST deals ever. Not only do these deals benefit my future Bride+Groom, but it benefits YOU, the person that believes in me + my passion! That’s right, the more you spread the love, the more you receive ♡ And, to celebrate my 24th birthday, I’m celebrating YOU, the people who has, are, and will support me and my little dream. There’s something for everyone in this year end promotion!

Also, very important. BRING YOUR DOGS! Please and thank youuu ♡


This is such a GREAT deal. I had my wisdom teeth out when I announced this, and my sister said to me, “Are you still high?” I was not. She thought I HAD to be high off of the anesthetic/pain meds because it’s such a STEAL. Seriously you guys. I want you to have an amazing wedding day and, for you to get a great quality photographer you love at a great price — what’s better than that?

Maybe you’re not getting married but you know couples who are or will? Do you like free money? Yeah, you get $100 when you refer a couple to me and they book me for their wedding date! Christmas is coming soon and so is Engagement season! Help your friends SAVE MONEY while you EARN MONEY. Little extra Holiday money for youuuu *wink

Pricing will differ with the amount of coverage + guest count, so please get in touch with me! Dates will be gone so fast with price like this. And don’t forget, traveling is my jam!

Collections includes:
+ Two photographers
+ Professionally edited digital negatives in an online gallery
+ Leather bound Fine Art album (valued at $1000)
+ One minute highlight video
+ Engagement session (travel not included)

**Little something for my local Bride+Grooms (That’s St. Anthony to Boise, Jackson WY, and Salt Lake City UT area): NO TRAVEL FEE. Say whaaaaat. $500 off AND no travel fee? That’s up to $1000 savings. Are you getting chills? Cause I am.
GET. ON. THIS. *clapping emoji

For my non-local Bride+Groom, I gotchu too! Did you know all of the travel expense are INCLUDED in the Wedding Collections? So there’s no hassles for you to figure any of it out, I’ve got you!



Next. This is for you peeps who are already married!


To celebrate another year around the Earth, and me turning 24, I’m taking 24% off of sessions. So if you referred a couple, earning you $100, that’s 24% off + $100 off! You’re practically paying nothing for fun time with your lover or your family AND get awesome photos!

Couples session: Normally $325, with the deal, it’s $247!
Couples sessions are engagement + Bridal/formal + Anniversary + Maternity + Boudoir + anything where TWO people are in the photos. When was the last time you+your lover had your photos taken? Was it your wedding day years ago? It’s time to update those photos! Let’s do itttttt.

+ One hour of shooting time
+ 40 digital negatives professionally edited (photoshop retouching not included) in an online gallery with print release


Family session: Normally $425, with the deal, it’s $323!
Family sessions are fresh 48 +lifestyle + anything more than 2 people and less than 5 people! If you have more than five people in your group, it’s $20/head extra. When you scroll through your photos, how many pictures do you see with all of you in it? YOU deserve to be in those photos with your love+kiddos!

+ Up to two hours of shooting time
+ 60 digital negatives professionally edited (photoshop retouching not included) in an online gallery with print release


Okay, I know that was A LOT of details. But, all you gotta know is BOOK BEFORE THE YEAR ENDS because that’s when the deal is going to be ending.

To book, all you have to do is get in touch with me, schedule the date + sign contract + pay retainer (30% of total $$$ for Wedding collection, 50% for Sessions) BEFORE 12/31/2018. That’s it! And remember, this is valid for 2018+2019 Weddings and Sessions. Book for this year, book for next year, the choice is yours!

Can’t wait to hear from you and take your pictures ♡♡

xx, Sasha